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Urgent!--- Need fun and sun!

Hi I am looking for any last minute spring breakers who would like to go along with me and my best friend + the men in our lives to Vegas.

Unfortunately, our spring break (We go to the Art Center Design College) starts the day that UNMs Spring Break ends…But we could afford to miss a couple days of class.

Or.. we could tie in with anybody that would want a couple of fun chicks (with gas and food money) to tag along.

It’s all up in the air right now, we just have some cash, some time, and we want a fun place to go swimming!

So, if your interested, please throw any ideas at me!

Or if anybody knows any cool things to do, to save me from my boring private college life let me know!

(A very bored, cute crazy fellow Albuquerque student, who looks way too cute in a bikini to waste a long weekend.)
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