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abq_insomniacs' Journal

31st August, 2005. 5:45 pm. Just in the market...(ladytwylight)

Wondering if there are any bands in ABQ who are looking for a female lead vocalist. The genre can be anything except death metal (my vocal chords don't like the scream very often). If you're looking, I'm available to audition and VERY willing to give my "musical resume".

Current mood: curious.

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11th May, 2005. 4:36 pm. Starlit(adinb)

Has anyone else heard Starlit's  (or on her website here) stuff? (No, I'm not associated w/her in any way other than running across one of her songs)

From the little I've heard, I'd love to hear them play out here...

Oh, a couple of pics of the lead singer, Simara:

More Pics....Collapse )

Current mood: contemplative.

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18th January, 2005. 7:28 pm. Rental question(txmxdx)

I had a question from the members of this and a few communities. Say someone bounced a check to their landlord and their landlord and them came to an agreement on when the money was gonna be given. But then the landlord decided that she wanted the money a week before it was agreed upon. Well the tenant couldn't come up with it in time so him and his roommates were then given an eviction notice even before they got a written 3 day notice for late payment. This isn't legal is it? And she is saying the eviction must take place in 3 days. And she typed a small little evicition notice on Word and put our names on their in pen. Don't you have to buy paperwork from the county to serve eviction notices? Any help on this would be appreciated.

x posted everywhere

Current mood: pissed off.

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24th September, 2004. 3:27 am.(cinnamongirl505)

Time: 3:21 am.
Mood: devious.
Music: I'm so Horny - Mousse T.

Fuck me hard
Fuck me good
Fuck me like a good fuck should

Rip my shirt
Caress my breasts
Prove to me that your the best

Lift up my skirt
enjoy the view
I didnt wear panties just for you

Grab the rope
tie me down
Tape my mouth so you hear no sound

Its kind of like a game...see if you can finish it and we can see what we can all come up with!!


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24th April, 2004. 7:08 pm. LOTR Monopoly(txmxdx)

anyone up for a good game of lord of the rings monopoly tonight? i wanna get a few people together, its me and my gf right now so send me an email if ya wanna come!

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3rd April, 2004. 2:53 am. attention fans of insomnia(avatarofblood)

yea, so it's going for 40 bucks or best offer.

This is the real deal insomnia dry erase board with the final goodbye drawing by AgentMeow. One of a kind, literly.

all proceeds from this sale go to the fund for helping me start up my own coffee shop, and by start up my own coffee shop I mean pay my rent and buy me food. so support the cause or die in the first wave.

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31st March, 2004. 2:51 am. Go Donate Blood Plasma Anyone at 1130?(txmxdx)

Hey if anyone gets this before I go and wants to tag along message me on my aim or yahoo and gimme ur number or sumthin.

Sorry for the x posting

aim - leviathan1369

yahoo - hysteria1313

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23rd March, 2004. 9:23 pm. Hiking(txmxdx)

So now that the weather is nice I have started hiking up in the Sandias again. Anyone wanna go tomorrow late morning? Guy or Girl doesnt matter, company is always great.

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14th March, 2004. 1:47 pm. Sneakers(txmxdx)

So is there anyone out there who is going to Sneakers to watch Wrestlemania 20 or is there anyone that would like to go because my friend ditched me and some company would always be good. :) It starts at 5.

Current mood: anxious.

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27th February, 2004. 12:20 pm. Urgent!--- Need fun and sun!(sybilwatson)

Hi I am looking for any last minute spring breakers who would like to go along with me and my best friend + the men in our lives to Vegas.

Unfortunately, our spring break (We go to the Art Center Design College) starts the day that UNMs Spring Break ends…But we could afford to miss a couple days of class.

Or.. we could tie in with anybody that would want a couple of fun chicks (with gas and food money) to tag along.

It’s all up in the air right now, we just have some cash, some time, and we want a fun place to go swimming!

So, if your interested, please throw any ideas at me!

Or if anybody knows any cool things to do, to save me from my boring private college life let me know!

(A very bored, cute crazy fellow Albuquerque student, who looks way too cute in a bikini to waste a long weekend.)

Current mood: bored.

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